Dual IT

Our main purpose is to reduce the costs supported by the clients and to increase their profits. In order to execute these needs, we offer professional custom software development services.

Our services are based on the newest technologies and platforms, preparing your business to maximize your opportunities of growth. We are able to offer you the next type of software solutions:

DualIT offers you complete solutions of execution of mobile applications for any type of phones and other mobile devices with which you can conserve your time, energy and money.
We can develop personalized mobile applications for all the following platforms: iOS, Android, Java.
We can provide you an automatic software for testing services that will help the companies to face the high level of evolution and change of the software applications. Both the companies which develop software solutions and those which have to receive applications or modules developed by others rely on automatic testing in order to significantly decrease the risks generated by finding defects in the production phase, due to the decrease of the time needed for the execution and testing.
For any company that wants to grow, ecommerce represents today one of the greatest opportunities, in order to reach new clients and increase sales. Either you have a few or thousands of products, we have an ecommerce solution, helping you sell more and simplify the management operations of your business.
The penetration test is part of a security audit. It provides the security control offering a similar experience with a real attack (made by a hacker) followed by the detection of the possible vulnerabilities of the site. The penetration test supposes an evaluation of a network’s or a system’s security by simulating an attack. By this test, we can identify the vulnerabilities a site can have. Also, upon the client’s request, we can correct and repair certain types of vulnerabilities that can endanger the site. After testing, the client receives a report of synthesis with all the possible security issues the website encounters and, upon request, the client can receive possible recommendations of fixing them.